Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce SolutionBe it small or home based or a corporate establishment, iWant Solutions furnishes you with wide ranging solutions for your products that makes it stand out in market with speed, accuracy and precision. With internet giving business owners access to an unlimited customer base the coverage will be right from gathering and use of demographic data to the security of business transactions.

We move ahead with a concrete internet advertising sketch by applying knowledge of computer system architecture and emerging technologies to identify the suitable web architecture to design a strategic target. We help you create a brand name by having an authoritative and memorable brand name. We guide you through effective branding messages, comprehensive and creating a functional shopping cart. When you want to sell goods and services online, you need an E-commerce website so that you can transfer fund electronically. Whether you are selling Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B), we will design the right E-commerce site for you.

At iWant Solutions we ensure security by authenticating business transactions, controlling access to resources such as web pages for registered or selected users, encrypting communications and thereby ensuring the privacy and effectiveness of transactions.

E-commerce is the way we do business online. Goods can be bought and sold online and the convenience of shopping in this manner has indeed made e-commerce a very popular concept. iWant team of experts will create your e-commerce application using the most state of the art technology. Below is just a short list of our expertise in the e-commerce field.

  • E-Market Websites - Websites that provide top quality merchandise at unbeatable price points. The integrated shopping cart offers several payment gateways for the convenience of their customers.
  • Health Care Websites - Visitors are able to view product line and also make purchases online. Clients are able to subscribe to the newsletter to assure them they are up to date and encourage future purchases.
  • Online Auctions - Provide visitors the ability to compare products and prices, and then make their purchase. The ability to offer subscriptions to newsletters and promotions. Products can be managed and older products easily replaced with newer products easily and quickly.
  • Mortgage Websites - Provide the convenience of online loan applications. Offer fixed, variable, and a host of other loan types. Integrate functionality for all steps related to mortgage shopping.