Who we are

iWant Solutions is a web design & development company in Lakeland, FL, United States. We specializes in creative web design and provide other web development solutions to clients worldwide. We have one of the best creative team in the industry to provide the best graphic website designs.

Our team is the best in the industry for E-solutions, Product Development, Mobile App Development, Maintenance, Technical Support, Web Design, Web Hosting, Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Corporate Identity.

We offer technical expertise in logo design, web design, flash design, program development, application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and corporate identity.

Our Process


A clear understanding of the application features from the perspective of stakeholders is established through stakeholders' collaboration, initial requirements documents, and legacy code if any. This initial step is normally accomplished in days and will output high level diagrams, wireframes, generalized use/test cases and workflow diagrams.


Based on the inputs from the requirement analysis phase, HTML Prototype will be created. The requirement analysis phase's inputs will be converted to HTML prototype, UML diagrams to depict data and object layers, and sequence diagrams for complex logic. This phase will be completed within couple of weeks.


Development phase will be guided by the HTML Prototype, mock-ups, and UML diagrams from the requirement analysis and design phases. Review based development makes sure that the development is on the right track and in accordance with the HTML Prototype. The development is change compliant and in short milestones. The completion of this phase will depend upon the complexity and size of the project.


Quality and Scope management will be reinforced by the weekly internal review and short milestones review with the stake holders. Although the QA team will be monitoring the product right from the requirement analysis phase, they will get fully involved once the development reaches completion. They carry out manual and automatic data feeding tests and stress tests, in addition to the extensive Penetration Testing, which is carried out to protect the system from malicious users.


In Review Based Project Management methodology, stake holders will be actively monitoring each progress and short milestones that are completed. Once they are satisfied with the features for the milestones, the system is made ready for deployment. Our vast expertise on networking administration makes this step, as smooth as possible. Software training and support is also an important deliverable of this phase.